The Hot Cross Bunny-ni

For Easter, Dragon’s Keeper has created a very special yet simple cocktail that combines all the sweet flavours of Easter in one drink – The Hot Cross Bunny-ni, a martini that hops.

  • 3 shots Dragon’s Keeper Gin
  • 200ml honey syrup
  • Gincident Caviar Pearls
  • Sugar & cinnamon
  • Lots of ice

Start by rimming the edge of your favourite martini glass with cinnamon and sugar mix. In a cocktail shaker with ice, add Dragon’s Keeper and honey syrup (you can make the syrup by mixing 1 part pure honey with 2 parts boiling water). Shake to chill. Before pouring, add some chocolate caviar pearl garnish to the glass. Pour your mixture, add some extra cinnamon sticks as a garnish and serve.